Is iPhone X Waterproof? Unveiling its Strong Abilities 2023

Is iPhone X Waterproof

Is iPhone X Waterproof?

If you’re an iPhone X user– you may be wondering, “Is iPhone X waterproof?

Yes. iPhone X is Waterproof. It is designed with water resistance features to protect the device from accidental spills and submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. It has an IP67 rating, which means it is resistant to dust and can be safely submerged in depths of 1 meter or less.

Benefits of Water Resistance in the iPhone X

The iPhone X boasts an impressive water resistance feature. This means it can be exposed to the elements without fear of damage from heavy rain or accidental splashes.

Is iPhone X Waterproof

Water resistance technology allows the device to be used even in wet conditions, such as showers and pools, without fear of damage. It also makes it easier to clean off dirt and grime that might otherwise accumulate over time. This can result in longer-lasting performance from your phone.

Limitations and Precautions

The iPhone X Waterproof technology offers excellent protection against liquids. However, there are some limitations and precautions to be aware of when using this feature.

Firstly, the IP67 rating only applies to a maximum depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to use the phone underwater as salt water and chlorine can damage its components.

Water Damage & Warranty

The iPhone X includes a warranty feature that guarantees the phone’s protection against liquid damage. This means that if you ever accidentally drop your iPhone X in water, there is a one-year limited warranty covering any resulting damages to the device.

Is iPhone X Waterproof?

The warranty also covers any manufacturing defects due to liquid contact, so you can rest assured knowing you’re completely covered.

Additionally, AppleCare+ offers protection against liquid damage for two years after purchase and provides coverage for accidental damages.

User Experiences & Testimonials

The user experience and testimonials of the iPhone X Waterproof technology’s durability have been incredibly positive. Users report that their phones are still in perfect condition after being exposed to water, mud, dirt, snow, and other elements.

Even those who accidentally dropped their phones into pools or rivers reported successful recovery with no damage done. This indicates the powerful waterproofing capabilities of the iPhone X, and users are impressed by its resilience.


As an iPhone user, it’s important that you remember not to submerge your phone completely into water and keep it away from nasty spills and splashes. If managed with care, the iPhone X can last a user age before needing an upgrade. All in all, the iPhone X is a great option, no matter what your needs are. So, make the purchase, add a case just for extra protection, and enjoy your new phone!

Is iPhone X Waterproof?

If you’re amazed by the iPhone X’s ability to withstand water to some extent, you’ll undoubtedly find the iPhone 11’s capabilities nothing short of astonishing. We invite you to explore the detailed insights we’ve gathered in our article on the iPhone 11’s waterproofing, which sheds light on how Apple elevated its game in terms of device durability.

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