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is iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof

Are you an iPhone user and especially curious about the waterproof technology or Water Resistance feature of Apple’s flagship device, iPhone 12 Pro Max? You just wanted to know if it can only handle raindrops. How about a drop in a bucket of soapy water? We’ve got all the details to help answer your question about whether the iPhone 12 Pro Max is waterproof or water-resistant.

Is iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Water Resistant but not waterproof. iPhone 12 Pro Max has an IP68 rating for Water Resistance, meaning this phone can withstand up to 30 minutes in water.

This feature makes this device perfect for users who want to perform various activities, from swimming and showering to boating and snorkeling.

It also means if your phone accidentally gets submerged in water, you will remain confident that it can work when you pull it out.

Water Proof VS Water Resistance

A product’s features may be waterproof or water-resistant, which are two concepts. A water-resistant product offers some protection from liquid exposure, but a waterproof item is made to be entirely immune to water of any type.

Is iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof?

Although waterproof items are typically the most effective at keeping you dry, not all products require this type of protection. A water-resistant product is more appropriate. If you only need a little protection against the elements.

To ensure that any item you are considering buying satisfies your requirements for waterproofing or water resistance, it is crucial to investigate its characteristics.

IP68 Rating of iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has an impressive water resistance rating of IP68. This rating was checked by testing the device in the laboratory, which, after the results, shows the highest level of protection against water, dust, sweat, and other liquids.

What is IP68 Rating?

After this, you can feel safe knowing that your device is safe from accidental exposure to liquid or water. With its advanced and unique water sealing techniques, you can be sure that your device will remain sealed even if submerged in water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

So, whether it’s a splash or an accidental drop in the pool, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is ready to take on whatever comes its way.

Apple’s Official Statement

Apple has officially stated that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is “Water Resistant” and IP68 rated. iPhone 12 Pro Max has water resistance and some extra features, like a new Liquid Retina XDR display that can withstand spills and splashes.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is not only water-resistant, but it is dust-resistant as well. With its impressive Water Resistance and dust resistance features, this phone become the first choice for those looking for a high level of protection from elements like water, sand, and mud.

Consumer Experiences

Customers worldwide have mixed experiences with the iPhone 12 Pro Max Water Resistance capability. Some Reported that their phones have been water-damaged even though they were accidentally dropped in water, mud, or sand for a short time. Most customers reported that their phones survived when submerged in water and worked fine without damage.

So, one thing to remember is that the IP68 water resistance rating is just a test rating for iPhones, but the real-life results of customers may vary. One more thing to notice as well is that the water resistance capability of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be compromised by regular wear and tear or any scratches or dents on the case.

In short, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is water-resistant, but you must use it with care near water.


One important thing to remember is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is highly water-resistant but not waterproof. This makes it able to withstand water-related damage and most everyday mishaps but will not survive a completely submerged experience.

If you want to protect your phone from mud, sand, or water or take it out in the rain, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best choice.

Is iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof?

Apple designed this phone for those customers who want a durable and reliable device that can have numerous advanced features and can have the capability to withstand more than regular usage capacity.

If you are a regular iPhone user, you must be aware of the capabilities and limitations of the phone to make informed decisions on how to use the device the best and what steps you have to follow so that it can work for years.

We encourage readers to explore the related topic of the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s waterproofing capabilities.

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